Proposal for pussy – Session 16 – Softy beams

Finger after fingeringPete kissed his lover on the forehead and replied, “Yeah, actually that sounds good. Let’s stay in tomorrow and fuck our brains out all day.” Katrina chuckled silently.

Both Pete and Katrina watched his soppy wet tool flop out of her cunt as she dismounted. On their way to the bathroom, Katrina stopped dead in her tracks. She bent her head forward to look at her leg. Dribbling globs of cum were oozing from her pussy and down her thigh. They headed towards the shower, cleaned up quickly, blew out the candles, and fell asleep exhausted in a spooning position.
A bright blue sky covered the Clover Cove Hotel and soft beams of sunlight filled the hotel room as Katrina woke the next morning to an unbelievable sight. Pete had scattered the bed in rose petals and emerged from the bathroom wearing black silk pyjama pants and a red smoking jacket. His sandy blond hair had been slicked back and he carried a tray with bagels, cream cheese, strawberries, and coffee.

Katrina bolted upright and rubbed her eyes. “Pete, what’s going on? Where did you get all these, what are these, rose petals? And why are you dressed like that?” she asked marvelling at the scene before her.

“Relax my little Trixiecakes. You no doubt recall that Maggie’s a florist? That explains where I got the petals. If you remember the date you realize it is the 31st of October – happy anniversary by the way – and can therefore deduce that I am, of course, sporting my Halloween costume. You can call me Heff. I call this tray I’m carrying breakfast in bed. Care to join me?” Pete sat beside her and pecked her on the cheek.

Katrina covered her eyes with her hand and shook her head as she began quietly chuckling. She opened her fingers to peer at a beaming Pete. No longer able to hold back, Katrina burst out laughing. “You are incorrigible!” she howled giddily and threw her arms around him planting a big wet smooch on his cheek. “Mmmmpwah! Happy anniversary my sweet sweet Peteycakes. Let me put my robe on and I’ll join you for breakfast…Heff!”

After they ate their breakfast Katrina asked Pete if he had any plans for the day.

“Of course I have plans! I wanna fuck and fuck and fuck. I wanna fuck until we can’t fuck anymore and then fuck again.”

Katrina hesitated a drawn out, “Okayyy. I definitely want to make love again, but I thought we could go into town and see what they’re doing for Halloween. I know there’s supposed to be a large parade and hayride.”

Pete’s jaw dropped. “Hayride! The only ride I want to get on is you. Alright, alright, I saw a sign mentioning a costume contest tonight at that bar we saw. I think that’ll be interesting.”

“Oh, but Peteycakes, I didn’t think to bring a costume,” Katrina said worriedly.

“Hey, I thought of everything,” Pete reassured her as he fetched a bag out of his suitcase. “If you can’t figure out what costume I picked out for you, well, I just don’t know…Trixie – hint hint.” Sure enough, Katrina pulled a Playboy bunny’s costume out of the bag. She looked at Pete with eyes that said, “you’re incorrigible.” Katrina placed a hand to her mouth and laughed when she saw that he had even gone so far as to have a name tag that read, “Trixie”.

“I’m sorry Petey, but this might be a little too revealing for me. ”

“Oh, it’s not authentic. It comes with a frilly minnie skirt. I know it shows a lot of leg, but it still covers your ass. Let’s face it, it’s the rabbit ears and bow tie collar thing that makes the costume. If there’s a couples contest I think we can win.” Katrina pulled the costume out to make sure and was pleasantly surprised at how cute it was. She told Pete she’d wear it for him.

Pete and Katrina spent the morning making love in the shower. They tried a standing doggy position for the first time. Pete half expected Maggie to walk in on them. They then spent the afternoon at an Italian restaurant. Pete never changed out of his smoking jacket costume and Katrina had to explain to him why the bunny costume was inappropriate for the middle of the day. They returned to their hotel room later that afternoon and made love again. It marked another first as they fucked seated in a chair and then later on the bed in a reverse cowgirl position. They headed out for a late dinner and swung by the bar holding the costume contest afterwards. There were, in fact, two contests; one for individuals and one for couples. Pete and Katrina won neither, but left feeling pretty sauced, especially Katrina who clearly had one too many Long Island iced teas.

It did not take long before they made it back to the hotel and started getting frisky with each other. Seeing Katrina in her sexy costume with her long legs on display all night charged up Pete’s libido. Likewise, feeling Pete’s hands grope her ass and his hard-on rub against her unsuspected as they slow danced tightly wound Katrina’s sex gears. Neither one could have suspected the “first” they were about to experience with each other on their last night at the Clover Cove Hotel.

Pete was naked except for the red smoking jacket, now open, and Katrina wore nothing but the bunny ears and bow tie collar. Katrina lapped away at Pete’s thick dick and Pete revelled in Katrina’s delectable pussy juices in their familiar 69 position. The mixture of alcohol and lust drove Pete to try something he would not have otherwise. While lapping away at his girlfriend’s pussy he could not tear his eyes away from her little pink anus.

Without warning he hooked an arm around Katrina’s waist, exited his tongue from her pussy, and began waggling it over her puckered asshole. Within seconds of tasting her ass for the first time he had managed to plunge his index finger down her tightest of fuckable holes to the knuckle. It was Pete’s first attempt at a rim job. He pulled her ass open with his thumbs and pressed his tongue firmly against the gaping asshole as he gave her long sloppy licks. He immediately felt the kinkiness of it jolt through his cock.

“Oh, no, Petey! Oh no, that’s – *hiccup* – disgu-uh-ohhhh! Petey, no no no, it’s grohhhh!”

Pete paid her no mind. While licking away at her wrinkled anus he began heartily spanking her. Everytime he smacked her he would quickly and firmly grab at the taut flesh, pulling and pinching until releasing it for another brisk slap. “Mmm, Twihsie,” Pete muffled his words with a mouth full of ass. It did not take long before her bun was glowing red and radiating heat.

On her end, Katrina convinced herself that the only reason she was allowing Pete to treat her this way was because she happened to be both at once terribly drunk and incredibly horny. Instead of getting mad she got even. “Oh yeah bluster! Watch – *hiccup* – thish!” she slurred to herself. Grabbing Pete’s cock, she pulled the foreskin as far back as it would go and wrapped her lips tightly halfway down the shaft. Katrina sucked as hard as she could, severely hollowing her cheeks, and creating a powerful vacuum on the glans. She only allowed her head to pull back as far as her tightly sealed lips could stand. Inside the oral vacuum, her tongue feverishly licked around Pete’s cockhead.

She could feel him moaning his approval onto her asshole. She thought she felt his balls spasm as she kneaded and tugged at them. Her tongue performed double duty as Pete began ejaculating large jets of cum in her mouth. While continuing to lick and milk more and more hot creamy semen to shoot out, her tongue rolled the salty payload down her gulping throat. Katrina had swallowed her first load. She couldn’t help think how much the goo tasted like salty raw oysters.

Katrina’s primary instinct when it was over was to go to the bathroom and wash up. She swiftly stood, staggered seeing double of everything, and collapsed back on the bed passing out within seconds of hitting the mattress. Pete looked her over, saw that she was alright, and came up with a devilish idea. He retrieved his digital camera and took a snapshot of his girlfriend lying on the bed, bunny ears and bow tie still on. Pete made sure to center the image on the large gob of cum dangling from her chin. “For posterity! ‘Trick or Treat Trixie’ I’ll call this one,” he giggled in his head. He washed her up with a damp facecloth, removed the remaining articles of her costume, tucked her in, and fell asleep beside her.

The following morning, a punishing hangover pulsed through Katrina’s head. She could still taste and feel the liquor in her system. Pete attended to her with the tenderest of care as she threw up for nearly an hour.

“There we go, you’ll be alright. I’ve packed our things so we’re set to take off. Anyways, we have until noon to check out. I figure we’ll be back home only a little later than dinner time. Here, let me wipe that up for you,” Pete consoled his girlfriend. Katrina recovered reasonably well on the trip back. They made it home earlier than expected. When Pete pulled up to Katrina’s she kissed him on the cheek and told him she loved him.

Soon afterwards, as Pete pulled up to his own house, he noticed his step-mother’s van, but the absence of his father’s car. “Another business trip, huh Arthur” he thought. He entered the house and heard hurried rummaging upstairs. Maggie turned the landing on top of the stairs and welcomed him back with a smile and a hug. When he asked her what she was doing upstairs she told him she was filing papers in his father’s office which sat opposite his bedroom.

“Now here, let me get those bags for you. You must be hungry, eh? There’s pasta in the fridge,” Maggie hastily broke in, trying to grab his suitcase.

“No, it’s fine Maggie, I can handle that,”

Pete replied stonefaced. He made it up to his bedroom and just as he entered he thought he heard his computer shutting off. While unpacking he thought his underwear drawer looked messier than usual and slapped himself on the forehead when he spotted the bag of panties Maggie had given him. “I forgot all about these! I should have given them to Katrina,” he thought. “How come I’m finding them now? I thought I buried these at the back of this drawer?” Suspicion and doubt entered his mind. He decided to play it cool and pretend as though everything were normal. “Maggie’s up to something, but what?” he questioned himself. “I’ll deal with her in due course, but I should first e-mail Rebecca and tell her I’ll be visiting in two weeks time.”

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